2015 Moxies Awards: Best Startup Founder or Co-Founders

Adam Calica

Paul Magelli, Aaron Symanski, Geoff Phillips & Rick Halton (Apervita)Apervita empowers health pros including Mayo/Cleveland Clinics to share world-class analytics to improve patient care and operations.


Adam Tilton & Prashant Mehta (Rithmio)From missile guidance to wearables, University of Illinois Ph.D. student and his professor launch a gesture recognition platform startup.


Erik Servinghaus (SimpleRelevance)As a consumer, Erik experienced the pain of irrelevant marketing messages andsought to transform digital marketing with SimpleRelevance


Eileen Murphy & Abby Ross (ThinkCerca)#CPS educator Eileen + entrepreneur Abby +#Impact Engine/#1871 = #ThinkCERCA women change lives through critical thinking in 130 countries!


Brad Keywell (Uptake)We’re growing at 14% per week—which doesn't compare to the unfathomable impact our predictive analytics will have across major industries.

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