Chicago tech's best April Fools jokes

Tessa McLean

April Fools — you either love it or you hate it.

At Built In, we personally love the holiday. And so do many folks in Chicago tech, as evidenced by these pranks:

kCura is introducing a new product to their users. They've leveraged Relativity’s platform capabilities to build Relativity Match Maker—the first dating app integrated directly into e-discovery software.


Grubhub Launches Grüber, The Super-Duper Revolutionary New Ride-Sharing Product

Grubhub announced a new product extension that will make it easier for millions of people nationwide to catch a ride. The new offering, called Grüber, marks a new era in ride-sharing, olfactory delight, efficiency and transportation magic. It will allow people who love both the smell of food and new cars, and the delight of a car showing up the moment they need transportation, to hitch a ride with Grubhub's restaurant delivery drivers. [Read the full press release here]

You can always count on Groupon for a cat-themed joke. This year, they're offering a Groupon for a cat reader. They've hand-picked expert feline readers who are skilled at delivering a gripping tale to your friend with a tail. Imagine the blank stare of pride in your cat’s eyes when she hears the inspiring story of the lion, Aslan, in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Or the unblinking gaze of total excitement as she puzzles out the whodunit plot of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap.Can you believe it sold out so quick? Read the full offering here. 

Local startup community Catapult announced the release of its new CoWorkerator program, the aptly named AllJoyHereNowAndCoffeeFuture! They are calling it AJHNACF! for short. (Pronounced ah-june-ack-fuh.) 

When asked for her opinion on the new AJHNACF! initiative, Michelle Soble, Marketing Director at Catapult, just shouted, "yolo!" and then hung up the phone. [Read all the details here]

Have you seen any great April Fools jokes by Chicago tech companies? Send them our way!

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