Wanna work in HR tech? These 6 Chicago companies have open gigs

Sam Dewey

Chicago has long since asserted its dominance in B2B tech, but it’s in the realm of HR technology specifically that the city really shines. There’s a whole host of tech here in Chicago that’s reimagining the way companies manage the most important capital they have at their disposal — you.

At their core, HR tech companies understand how valuable employees are to businesses. Because of that insider knowledge, odds are they know a thing or two about cultivating an awesome place to work at — and luckily, these six are hiring.


What they do: Paylocity builds cloud-based software to manage payroll and bring human resource management into the tech age.

Number of jobs listed: 4

Coolest available job: Product Team Leader


What they do: Hireology arms hiring managers and recruiters with top-notch tech that transforms the hiring process into a data-driven, streamlined process based on the science of talent acquisition.

Number of jobs listed: 8

Coolest available job: Lead Software Engineer


What they do: StratEx is refining the HR process with software that allows companies to easily manage the entire employee life cycle. The company is committed to playing a large part in their clients’ infrastructure by providing technical expertise, HR knowledge and strong customer relationships.

Number of jobs listed: 5

Coolest available job: Project Specialist

What they do: HighGround is all about building an employee-focused, engaged culture centered on recognition and feedback. Their platform reimagines the annual performance review, aiming instead for meaningful performance management that recognizes and rewards employees in an ongoing fashion.

Number of jobs listed: 2

Coolest available job: Enterprise Account Executive


What they do: Yello’s recruitment platform makes it easier for companies of all shapes and sizes to discover candidates, develop and maintain relationships, and ultimately lead to a new hire.

Number of jobs listed: 9

Coolest available job: Senior Ruby Engineer


What they do: Used by 300 employers and three million employees, Chicago-based PerkSpot’s tech platform offers workers an online marketplace of voluntary perks and benefits and discounts on consumer goods and other services. 

Number of jobs listed: 1

Coolest available job: Head of Marketing and Communications


Photos via featured companies. 

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