64k contacts under management for 5Degrees! Big milestone.

Jeb Ory
5Degrees fans! We want to hear from you.

We have passed an exciting threshold today! We have just surpassed 64k contacts under management. You can download the app from the iTunes App Store here to try it out.

We have also been receiving some great publicity lately, including press mentions in:
  • Crain's Chicago Business
    • With Chicago’s technology sector booming and seeing new startups launched every day, Illinois politicians have started paying more attention to the tech sector -- from Gov. Pat Quinn signing new bills into law at TechWeek to state Sen. Dan Kotowski and state Rep. Ken Dunkin stopping by 5Degrees' booth to download their new contact management application for the iPhone. Edward Domain, CEO and Founder, Tech.LI

  • Chicago Tribune
    • When I look at the team and the roots we have here, it makes me excited about building a company here, said Jeb Ory, co-creator of 5 Degrees, a mobile application that helps organize contacts across a person's online social networks and email accounts. The app went live Saturday morning during the conference. -Wailin Wong, Tribune Technology Reporter
  • Tech Cocktail
    • In my short test, I liked using the product and plan to continue testing it over time. This is an application that anyone who is out meeting a lot of people should give a whirl. It has the ability to boost productivity around networking by offering a convenient toolset  for building relationships with both existing and new contacts. -Frank Gruber, CEO and Founder, Tech Cocktail
  • SocialTechPop
    • Interview with State Senator Dan Kotowski where he mentions 5Degrees (in front of our TechWeek booth, no less)
  • AsSeenOnPhone
    • 5Degrees is new and on to something so it will be interesting to watch, Antonio Wells, Editor-in-Chief, AsSeenOnPhone

We are excited to be part of the Tech.Li Thursday One event, which is kicking off tonight. We are in great company, with Tap.Me, Dabble, AndroidTapp, HuliHealth, CrowdSavvy, and many others joining the IfByPhone team at their offices!

And, as an extra special treat, the winner's of our hackathon from TechWeek, the LeapNToast team, will be in the house... and inside sources tell me they have already submitted their Android App to the Android Market, so with a little luck it will be ready for download tonight!

See you there! Oh, here's the Eventbrite link in case you haven't yet registered!


Also--a special thanks to everyone who has already weighed-in on how 5Degrees is working, including people like Frank Shapiro. We really appreciate your insights and are working hard add more updates to address things to make 5 even better.



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Jeb Ory


Thanks for the note. We have been hard at work improving things. We are working on version 2.0 now, which will be open for a limited time for our existing clients--stay tuned. We are working on addressing some of the challenges you have faced below. 


Thanks for your continued support!



Frank Shapiro

Greetings, Jeb. This is great news and great traction for you. I want to bring you up to date on my thoughts as they continue to crystallize around contact management. My gut told me that I really want to maintain my contacts in the iPhone native Contacts app. Now I remember why. When I drive, I use voice control to dial the phone. If I add a new contact in 5 Degrees, I can't voice dial that person unless I copy their info from 5 Degrees (is that possible?). 


Also, I'm very used to the native iPhone process of adding a new contact when I get an email or phone number (or both). I also do this when I am on the computer, using Yahoo's contact "manager" which syncs to my iPhone. It's also simple to add vCards to the native contact app. As it stands now, it seems that I would have to import all new contacts--is this true? I don't see how to do a contact(s) update and am afraid that if I import them again, it'll create duplicates.


The two much-needed contact manager apps for me are:

1) Being able to create a reminder or event that has the stored contact information prefilled into the calendar (Ideally, the iPhone native calendar--I sync this with Yahoo)

2) A linked reminders/to do list with push notifications to make it easy to dial, email or text the person involved. 


Where 5 Degrees shines is in taking short notes after a call and keeping track of phone calls and text messages if initiated from 5 Degrees.


Keep up the great work. 


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