Desktime + 1871

Sam Rosen

This week the Chicago Tribune announced our Desktime partnership with 1871. Desktime is building the best damn tool online to manage the day-to-day operations involved with running a shared workspace.

We're so thrilled to be building a simple, yet powerful tool, that'll help support the amazing tech hub that 1871 is creating. It's beyond exciting to be building a startup in such a supportive, fast growing community. We'll keep you posted along the ride.

Here is the link:,0,2768614.story

Have a great weekend!

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Mariusz Andryszewski

Great job Sam ! Can't wait to start using Desktime when 1871 opens it's doors !

Steven Collens
Great to be working with you Sam!
Tim Jahn

Nice! Congrats!

Sam Rosen

Thanks Val and the rest of ya!

Val Chulamorkodt

I hadn't heard about the partnership, Sam.  Way to go!

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