Exercise your Power2Switch!!!!

Jamail Carter

So, we all have friends in Chicago/Illinois, don’t we? 


And we all believe Power2Switch is providing a service of value, right? 


Why aren't we telling all our friends and family about Power2Switch and asking them to switch? 


And by the way, Comed just got the rate hike passed http://www.chicagobusiness.com/article/20111026/NEWS11/111029807/comed-rate-hike-measure-clears-legislature-veto-override-vote-still


Please copy the text below, paste in an email, and send to 5 friends in the Chicago area to show your support and tell people they have the 'Power2Switch' from ComEd. And it's free, too.


Why stay with ComEd? You can save up to $250/yr by taking 5 mins to check your options on www.Power2Switch.com 

Search for alternative suppliers to ComEd, Select a supplier, Switch to a new supplier, Save!

Share with your friends. It's that simple.


Thanks for sharing!!!  Jamail 


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