I like you, Wakefield Media.

Alexxandra Miles


The search for the perfect job continues! Here’s a company I love.

I recently went to New York City and (thanks to John Tucker, VP of Member Experience at Trunk Club) I was able to meet Chris, Co-Founder of Wakefield Media, a super-rad media production company that works to connect the startup world on a global level in a number of ways. Here’s how they do it:

1. Events! In cities across the world, there are talented people sitting in cubicles not loving their jobs but unsure of the next step. Solution: Uncubed, an event that “brings together emerging companies and talented candidates in a fun, casual environment that celebrates startup culture. With great speakers, games, and workshops, Uncubed attracts graduates from the best schools in the country and incredibly talented attendees looking to move away from “traditional” careers.”

On October 4th at the River East Art Center, Uncubed Chicago partnered with the Illinois Technology Association, 1871, Excelerate Labs, The Starter League and Technori, brought in 50+ emerging companies, added some music, drinks, art, games, speakers and.. voila! Another successful event.

Uncubed events provide attendees with a means to mingle, but furthermore, serve as a great way for startups to promote their brand to other startups in creative ways. Dashfire's partners at BucketFeet sponsored an “Art Battle,” where talented artists from NYC “battled” during an Uncubed event, and the winner was awarded free shoes and all of the artists got discounts on BucketFeet. Sweet, right?

2. Daily emails. Wakefield understand that content is king. In order to interact with the tech community and those intrigued by it within New York City and nationally, Wakefield’s editorial team sends out daily emails. Through these newsletters, subscribers get an inside look at all things tech; new products, jobs, creative companies, etc. The editorial staff is awesome, and the short but sweet daily emails are something to look forward to. Interested? Subscribe here.

Being that I was introduced to Chris via email the week prior, it was really nice of him to meet with me. He was informative, helpful, and even went on to make a connection with the CEO of Tasting Table, another great company I’ve been looking into. It’s people like Chris that make the job hunt less stressful, and people like Chris who would be good people to work for.

Wakefield is cool because of it’s heavy involvement in startup communities within the US and beyond. I’ve loved the opportunity to explore Chicago’s startup community, so the opportunity to emerge myself in others, worldwide, is exciting. Event planning is something I’ve always been interested in, and I think it would be awesome to be a part of Uncubed’s creative department. In addition, I’ve seen how rewarding writing is, on both personal and professional levels, so I’d love a position that would allow me to write as much (if not more) than I am right now.

That’s why I like Wakefield Media.

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