kCura Brings Love to 130K Relativity Users

Katie Johnson

Here at kCura, we've started to see a trend: Relativity users are busy. Seriously. Each site visit left us wistfully staring out of the nearest window, wondering if there was anything we could do to help someway, somehow.
When do Relativity users find time for one of the most important things in life—love? It’s not always easy for them to turn away from work, jump to their iPhones, and start swiping in all kinds of directions. If it’s not part of their day-to-day, it’s just not going to happen.
In a study of hundreds of gainfully employed workers across the globe, we were shocked to see what jobs were considered the least romantic on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the most romantic—and even more surprised to see what was ranked highest.
With results like these, why not have a complete platform that integrates romance directly into users’ everyday work? As a result, we’ve leveraged Relativity’s platform capabilities to build Relativity Match Maker—the first dating app integrated directly into e-discovery software.
Imagine a dating app with all the key features users will need for e-discovery. Found a decent dating profile, but it isn’t quite perfect? Use the related items pane to find similar profiles and grab that diamond from the rough. Stuck going to a wedding this weekend and need the ideal date? With 135,000 active Relativity users out there, it’s easy to scale up a team of reviewers to help hone in on the ideal partner.

Check out the below demo to see it in action, or visit our product page to learn more.

April fools!

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