Our success story on Built In Chicago - thanks!

Pascale Dargis

Yesterday, Maria and Adam - the masterminds behind Built In Chicago - came to check out our new digs. We learned about their milestones, challenges, next steps, relaunch and much more...

Maria says she receives daily emails about important and worthwhile connections being made through Built in Chicago, but I wanted to share AKTA's on the site for everyone to see! 

Last year, we were recruiting students in the interactive media, UX, human computer interaction, behavioral psychology, information architecture, design space. I posted on the Built In Chicago internship thread and within a couple of days Tim Jahn (sorry for calling you out here...but a belated thank you for connecting us) posted a comment saying a friend of his was looking. Within a month, we had a great new team member. She was eager to learn, help with client work and fulfill tasks we set forth for her. This is a tweet we got from her yesterday: "I learned everything that was taught tonight in my grad class at my internship with @weareakta. Everyone needs good internships. #SoValuable". Not only are we happy and touched to know she got something out of her time here, we're happy we had the opportunity to teach.

So, thanks Built In Chicago for providing a valuable resource. We've already gotten so much out of it and look forward to creating more meaningful connections and relationships down the line. 

Do you have any success stories on Built In Chicago? I'd love to hear more about them...I'm sure Maria and Adam would appreciate them as well!! Share away. 

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Tim Swindle

We couldn't agree more Pascale.  Thanks to Built in Chicago we've been able to connect to a great network of supportive peers to help build awareness, not only about Fippex, but our entrepreneurial community as a whole.  

Tim Jahn

Woot! Glad to hear that!  This is what it's all about. :)

Maria Christopoulos Katris

Thanks Pascale-so great to hear more about AKTA as well-you guys are a room of impressive minds working on really important projects. I look forward to hearing more AKTA success stories.

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