TechWeek - are you going? What's on the agenda that is a can't-miss event?

Julia Goebel


I'm curious...


Are you going to TechWeek? Attending, exhibiting? What are you looking forward to about this event? Is there a can't miss aspect I should put on my list?


As a off-and-on reader of Penelope Trunk, I'm interested to hear her speak in person. And of course, there's SPARK Chicago.


I'm re-posting a news release from our website.

We're Ambir Technology, a digital document management company that grew in a basement from $8,000. And we get growing pains. 

Now we're getting involved in sponsorship within the entrepreneur community. One of our first initiatives is to support SPARK Chicago, as part of TechWeek.


[Link] Ambir Technology Partners with SPARK Chicago to Support Entrepreneurs


ELMHURST, ILL., June 15, 2011 – Ambir Technology, Inc., a leader in digital capture products, announced today a partnership with SPARK Chicago, an unique event to be held in July 2011 to help create, build, and launch three startups in just six days.

Ambir will donate a prize package to each the three winners of the competition consisting of its newest product, the full-featured Ambir ImageScan Pro 820i automatic document feeding scanner, and a robust set of document imaging software.

“Our company was founded in an entrepreneurial spirit which continues today,” said Julia Goebel, vice president, marketing, Ambir Technology. “We view the SPARK Chicago event as an opportunity to give back to the dynamic entrepreneur community of Chicago.”

“SPARK Chicago is unlike any entrepreneurial event in Chicago’s history,” said Seth Kravitz, founder of Technori, host of the event. “We’re thankful that Ambir Technology has donated prize packages to SPARK Chicago in support of our competition.”

“Because of our history as a startup, we identify with small, growing businesses,” said Goebel. “Whether contracts, documents, business cards or receipts, the effective management of paper is key for entrepreneurs.”


Enough promotion - back to TechWeek. What's on your can't-miss list?

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Julia Goebel

Great stuff, Geoff. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for stopping by.

Geoff Domoracki
Just as a start, you should definitely attend the first 3 hours of the TechWeek conference: we have a keynote from Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, and panels I helped put together on the "future of work" including executives from Podio, Elance, and oDesk, a panel on "Financial Innovation" with founders of SecondMarket and Receivables Exchange, and the founders of GrubHub- plus 2 more additions we're announcing Monday.

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