We are in Techstars Chicago!! Come celebrate with us!

Sarah Press

Since I started blogging on Built in Chicago, I’ve done my best to write posts that, while sometimes related to Project Fixup, are also thought-provoking, informative, funny, and relevant to my fellow Chicago entrepreneurs.


This is not one of those posts.


We were accepted into Techstars Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


*fist pump* *happy dance* *karate chop*


We still have miles to go before we sleep but for today we feel lucky, grateful, and excited to be a part of such an amazing group of companies and mentors. And ready to celebrate. 


Our monthly Project Fixup party is, as a lucky coincidence, tonight at State in Lincoln Park. Project Fixup members, non-members, and non-single people alike are all welcome to join and celebrate with us. More details at www.chispringfling.eventbrite.com.


If you can’t make it tonight, email us anytime at sarah@projectfixup.com and alan@projectfixup.com to meet up.


Thanks again to everyone in the Built in Chicago community, and especially to our early adopter users who have born with us through bugs, spotty communication, and general torture as we slowly but surely work to bring the human element back into dating.




- Sarah and Alan


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Datelivery .com


Adam Calica


Sarah Press

Thanks Adam! We're very excited.

Corey Haines

Great Job, Sarah! Keep up the good work. See you around this summer.

Sarah Press

Thanks Corey! Looking forward to seeing you as well!

Sarah Press

Thanks Corey! Looking forward to seeing you as well!

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