Liz Kammel, an on-line resource for quick and easy apparel shopping by fit, launched on March 27th at the 2012 Technori pitch. In contrast to present body scanning technology, aims to personalize the shopping experience by allowing customers to assess their own measurements, read expert opinions and ask resident "Fashionistas" fit or styling questions. Currently, will be launching with men's jeans and will later expand to other apparel for both men and women.

Check out our site at We look forward to shopping with you!

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Mike Zivin

Congrats to Liz and team. Awesome job!

Bruce Ackerman

Interesting, awesome stuff.

Liz Kammel

Thanks, Bruce!

Amanda Thompson

Congrats, Liz! So looking forward to your continued success.

Liz Kammel

Thanks, Amanda!

Brian Doxey

Congrats! Look forward to seeing your presentation tonight at Rockit.

Liz Kammel

Thanks Brian! See you tonight

Maria Christopoulos Katris


Liz Kammel

Thanks, Maria!

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