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File 19345

Creating and Leveraging the Closed Loop Part 1

Fast forward to Chicago’s Magnificent Mile in the year 2054. Thousands of shoppers wade through crowded storefronts. Special contact lenses project a heads up display for each shopper, creating a unique experience in each store base on previous shopping habits and...  

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File 19529

Creating and Leveraging the Closed Loop Part 2: Identify Your Most Valuable Customers

As you probably guessed, it all starts—and ends—with an understanding of your customers. Who are your customers, what motivates them to action, and how do they want to engage with...  

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File 19613

Creating and Leveraging the Closed Loop Part 3: Finding The Right Customers Efficiently

The key is to find customers with the right value in order to align your spend accordingly.  To do that, it requires an understanding of their preferences so that you can target and personalize marketing...

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File 19775

Creating and Leveraging the Closed Loop Part 4: Focus on the Right Metrics

The simplified chart below is meant to dimension the depth of analysis needed to truly evaluate a campaign. In this seven-cell test, you will see the different stages that a consumer went through from...

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File 20493

The Pay-For-Performance Model: Aligned for Success

As we all know and live, digital marketing has dramatically changed the way businesses and consumers interact today. And the data created by digital interactions allows businesses and their partners to track, analyze and value each of these interactions...

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File 20494

Closing the Mobile Marketing Loop Part 1: Is the Mobile Consumer Right For My Business?

Many companies are still hesitant to make mobile a significant part of their customer engagement and aquisition mix. Some of the reasons related to perceptions of mobile demand being to small or that...

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File 24154

3 Things the Big Guys Do - That They Don't Want You to Know About

MCompanies love to trumpet their digital success. What they don't often do is distunguish activity from achievement. Here are a few strategies that will keep you ahead of your competition in the digital...

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