Sarah Derry
added by
on 09/22/2013
at 10:29am
Tips for Pitching to a Venture Capitalist Peter Liu, Associate at New World Ventures sits down to discuss what he and his team are looking for in startups. Tips for Pitching- Survival of the fittest- Are you ready to be an entrepreneur?... Read the Full Post
Christine Mortensen
added by
on 09/11/2013
at 7:21pm
How Do Startups Disrupt Old School Industries? Startups are by nature disruptive, but how do you build a successful company that totally breaks the rules in a given industry? How can you have both exponential growth and keep the same disruptive... Read the Full Post
Patrick O'Brien
added by
on 08/14/2013
at 10:47pm
I've Made a Huge Mistake - Missing Meetings My entire life I've had near perfect attendance for the things I've wanted to attend: sport practices, sales meetings, networking events, friends parties, free taco days, whatever.  Because of... Read the Full Post
Shao-Yi Qian
added by
on 07/16/2013
at 7:44pm
Innovation vs Execution Dog and Cat. Coffee and Tea. Great Gatsby and Catcher in the Rye. Everyone knows there are two types of people in the world. What are they? Inspired by an alumna of the Class of 2006 This was one of... Read the Full Post
Jessica Tenuta
added by
on 07/16/2013
at 2:09am
Advice from Mig Reyes: Be a better person first, and a becoming a better designer will follow. Today, the Lightbank Designers were lucky enough to visit 37 Signals, (creators of Basecamp, Highrise, and Campfire) to meet with designer Mig Reyes.  With a background that includes both agency... Read the Full Post

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