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Adam Ahmad
added by
on 07/06/2012
at 12:33pm
Swapidy - 18 Year Old CEO Changes The Way We Trade Online Hello Built in Chicago Readers,  My name is Adam Ahmad and I'm an 18 year old entrepreneur that recently graduated high school. I just launched a company called Swapidy. It's an online... Read the Full Post
Ovi Boeriu
added by
on 06/30/2012
at 10:03pm
Chicago Startup Grabio - Helps you sell your items I recently ran into a article that explained what the average American owned in his or her garage. However, the most intriguing thing about this study was the sum amount that a person owned in unused... Read the Full Post
Gerry Clemons
added by
on 05/17/2012
at 4:25pm
Patient as Partner I just finished reading:  http://blog.himss.org/2012/05/17/patients-as-partners/' The Doctor is ALWAYS right.  Just tell him what ails you and he will fix it. Have you ever been asked?... Read the Full Post
Antonio  Rowry
added by
on 04/23/2012
at 5:35am
Long-term Sustainability: Understanding Predictors of long-term survival for start-up retail businesses A Global Entrepreneurship Monitor GEM (2005) survey has stressed much on the impact of start-up survival as a significant driver to ultimate growth of retail firms globally.  In order to sustain... Read the Full Post
Anna Luscombe
added by
on 04/18/2012
at 1:12pm
Excelerate Labs' entrepreneur series: "How BabbaCo redefined itself – an interview with Jessica Kim" A part of an ongoing series of entrepreneur coffee chats, Excelerate Labs' intern Anna Luscombe speaks with BabbaCo founder and 2011 Excelerate graduate Jessica Kim about successfully adapting a... Read the Full Post

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