Jared Steffes
added by
on 07/11/2013
at 12:10pm
How serious is your fresh, new startup? And the art of the Trigger Clause. Cliff notes: The things I learned from the following story involves working with friends, evaluating the commitment of partners early, outside the box founder share distribution, keeping very strong... Read the Full Post
Matt  Schley
added by
on 04/07/2013
at 11:50pm
Northwestern and Booth Professor’s Novel Approach to the Equity Agreement In Slicing Pie, Northwestern and Booth School of Business professor Mike Moyer describes the process by which young start-up companies should tackle the often mismanaged problem of... Read the Full Post
edward lisberg
added by
on 10/15/2012
at 1:28pm
In Search of Grunts Have a well developed concept, FRD, and looking for suggestions where to find highly motivated, experienced entrepreneurial programmer to code, etc in exchange for equity? Read the Full Post
Mike Moyer
added by
on 10/13/2012
at 9:54am
How to Use a Dynamic Equity Split Program So Everyone Gets What They Deserve While there hasn’t been much written about dynamic equity splits they are hands down the most fair way to divide up shares in a start-up company among founders, early employees, partners and anyone... Read the Full Post
Mike Moyer
added by
on 10/10/2012
at 4:25pm
Slicing Pie: A Guide to Dividing Up Early-Stage Start-up Equity Not long ago, I was approached by one of my students at Northwestern, who was distraught over a situation in a fledging company that she had started in my entrepreneurship class. Her group had... Read the Full Post

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