William Waas
added by
on 07/28/2013
at 5:10am
Creativity and Sophistication Drive Student Solutions to UL Business Challenges Contact:Steven Wilt                                                  ... Read the Full Post
Neil Kane
added by
on 08/01/2012
at 1:48pm
Passionate about recycling and environmental issues?   Seeking Person Passionate About Recycling     Illinois Partners is involved in a compelling cleantech startup opportunity with a company that has developed a novel technology for... Read the Full Post
Alexxandra Miles
added by
on 07/20/2012
at 2:26pm
Getting THE Internship Be excited! Internships lead to jobs! Jobs get you money! Money is cool! College is fun, but only if you work as hard as you play. Ok so you’re pumped, right? Now, imagine your dream internship.... Read the Full Post
Maryann Jansma
added by
on 07/10/2012
at 1:48pm
Third Times a Charm: The Benefits of Interning at a Startup In 2011 I graduated college, moved to Chicago, and began the intimidating search for my first ever ‘big girl job’. With two previous internship experiences under my belt and a college degree in my... Read the Full Post

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