Linda Frothingham
added by
on 03/23/2013
at 12:13pm
Funding Feeding Frenzy Experience the Funding Feeding Frenzy  June 18 8:30 am to 8 pmFunding Feeding Frenzy  brings startup founders, small business CEOs, entrepreneurs, venture capital... Read the Full Post
Rose Tibayan
added by
on 01/14/2013
at 3:01pm
Video: Chicago Investors Share Startup Trends: What They Like… What’s Hot CHICAGO, IL— In the startup world, investors hold special powers… for one, the moolah. That, along with their vast connections and business smarts, can take a fledgling startup from idea stage to a... Read the Full Post
Tony Wilkins
added by
on 10/14/2012
at 7:40pm
Angel Investment Policy - Inside the Mind of One Early Stage Investor "What are angel investors looking for?" I get that question from time to time. Here's my best set of answers... Quick, accurate answer: Depends. This blog describes what I look for. Broader more... Read the Full Post
Latrell Garnett
added by
on 09/27/2012
at 5:39pm
4 Entrepreneurs Pitch Tomorrow at Industry Intermix!   4 Entrepreneurs will have 2-3 minutes each to pitch their ideas at Industry Intermix: Couplewise localDealr Books and Circle Swidjit  Winning Prizes:   1on1 with VC Firm Feature on... Read the Full Post
Latrell Garnett
added by
on 09/26/2012
at 10:25pm
Winning Prizes at Industry Intermix! Tuesdays "Social Media Pitch Workshop for Entrepreneurs" BSCEENE event was great! Social Media Week participants said "this event has been my best yet!"   We're now preparing for Industry... Read the Full Post

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