Brian Doxey
added by
on 05/04/2012
at 10:15am
Planning with Pictures Lean startups move quickly, and PlanFast is no exception. Our feature list just got a little bit longer, and a lot more interesting. Beginning today, you can now add pictures to your plans. PlanFast... Read the Full Post
Rod Rakic
added by
on 04/23/2012
at 11:06pm
What does 1,200+ pilots signed up look like? Yes folks, that's what it looks like. Great to see that pilots from all over the US are interested in what we're up to. Read the Full Post
Tom Ordonez
added by
on 04/11/2012
at 11:34am
2 Experiments of The Honor System in Chicago's Tech Community and @CodeAcademy This article was originally posted in this super awesome blog.   I thought the honor system was a myth. Last year I heard a colleague talking about the honor system. He hired an intern and said... Read the Full Post
Tom Ordonez
added by
on 04/04/2012
at 1:44pm
3 Ways To Find Out If You Hired The Wrong People For Your Startup This article was originally posted in this awesome blog.   Last night I had the pleasure to go to the Built in Chicago networking meetup where I was able to connect with my... Read the Full Post

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