Shigo M.
added by
on 11/26/2014
at 6:49pm
Making Bootstrap/SaaS Mastermind Group Hello All,I am looking for a smaller group maybe two to five people whom has already started a business through boopstrapping, a lean startup, or a SaaS that is up and running that wants to start a... Read the Full Post
David Albert
added by
on 06/02/2014
at 2:03pm
Top 10 Tactics To Marketing Your Startup Launch With $0 So you’re a bootstrappin’ startup with zero budget to get the word out about your new product. Whether it’s a new website, online service, mobile app or a physical product, there’s plenty of elbow... Read the Full Post
Len Kendall
added by
on 12/02/2013
at 3:02pm
Founders, Don't Fear the Phone! As an entrepreneur, getting on the phone isn’t my favorite activity. 1) It’s a painfully un-scaleable form of communication. 2) It doesn’t give you much time to think through your answers to a... Read the Full Post
Dave Anderson
added by
on 11/15/2013
at 9:24pm
Why Marketing is 99% Waste   By any objective standard, the world of marketing has a skewed definition of success.  Just consider that we marketing professionals, day in and day out, celebrate the success of our... Read the Full Post
Brooke Hawkins
added by
on 11/01/2013
at 11:50am
Free Nonprofit Social Media and Event Promotion Training - Nov. 6th Hi everyone,I am an AmeriCorps VISTA with HandsOn Tech Chicago, a team sponsored by leading tech companies in Chicago that provides free technology solutions for nonprofits in the area.On November... Read the Full Post

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