Lisa Lubin
added by
on 11/01/2013
at 3:36pm
Chicago's FIRST Explainer Video Hack-a-Thon is Here! I am very excited to announce a partnership between LLmedia Video Consulting, Joone Studios, & Blue1647 for Chicago's first ever Explainer Video Hack-a-Thon!  What's An Explainer Video?... Read the Full Post
Chris Campbell
added by
on 09/23/2013
at 10:42am
Online Video, E-Commerce, and Product Placement: Could VIDZEY Be the Missing Link that Connects Everything? What if every online video was also an interactive storefront? This is the challenge that entrepreneurs Brian Feldkamp (DePaul University) and Sean Kilbane (Michigan State University) hope to address... Read the Full Post
Tim Hines
added by
on 08/12/2013
at 1:59pm
Video Impression of Inspire Startups I have been coordinating the monthly Inspire Startups showcase since February and we are excited to be hosting our fifth showcase and pitch event on Aug. 21. Since the first event, we have had 40... Read the Full Post
Matt Gibbs
added by
on 06/13/2013
at 9:40am
SparkReel: Activating the Video Camera in Every Fan's Pocket! Here's your daily dose of obvious data: The majority of Americans have smartphones and they're increasingly becoming the dominant device in people's lives.Because of this, brands are continuously... Read the Full Post
Joe Barker
added by
on 06/06/2013
at 12:52pm
Does Anyone Want a Free Pass to Techweek Chicago 2013?   Attention All Built-In Chicago Members!! As we all know, this weather has not been the start to summer that we have been hoping for, but with all this extra time spent indoors, why not spend... Read the Full Post

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