Advice for College Entrepreneurs?

What is your best piece of advice for college entrepreneurs?  

Your answers will be shared with Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) members, many of which are young entrepreneurs or are currently working on their business ideas and/or inventions.  

Thanks is advance!  If you would like to connect with CEO, email me at

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For BIC's Digital Technology Leadership Series, we ask people what they "wish they knew from the beginning." The advice should be helpful for college entrepreneurs.

Here's a couple of my favorites:

Matt McCall, Partner at New World Ventures

"Entrepreneurship and venture capital are 90% people and 10% strategy and insight. I originally believed that the key to success was knowing the answer and figuring out the path to the solution. In the end, this is useless unless you can get others to join the cause.  Listen before being heard so that you appreciate and understand the context and biases of those around you. Know where you have leverage but don't use it.  Your job is not to oversee or control your employees /entrepreneurs but to guide, counsel & help them however you can (law of Karma). Don't take things personally but try to understand the other person's perspective."

Rishad Tobaccowala, CIO at Vivaki

"Nobody is as passionate about what you do as you and nobody else can see the possibilities like you do. Navigating the chasm between your idea and their reality is the key to success and peace of mind."

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