Gaining New Business

What's the most effective way to earn new business? I specialize in writing, editing, and enhancing website content, newsletters, blogs, resumes, essays, and anything in between. Your advice is very much appreciated.

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My advice would be to get out there-attend events (BIC launch is on Monday and there are many more events over the next month)- ask people for coffee meetings, post a blog so people start to get a feel for your tone, personality, mindset- engage on twitter and BIC (which you are doing!), network before you even need business-build relationships. I think far too often people assume they will get a customer on first pitch-many customers are acquired after months, even years, of building a relationship.  Hope this helps and good luck!


Great ideas, Maria! I'm actually attending the BIC launch on Monday and really looking forward to it. I need to find more to attend, so I can network more successfully.

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I noticed there's isn't a link to a website for AS Consulting. If you don't have a site, I'd recommend creating one on wordpress or making an with links to samples of your work, writing, case studies, etc.


Thanks a lot, Adam! I'm setting up an right now, and it's so easy. My next goal is to create my blog-very exciting!

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Do targeted pay-per-click advertising for your services. You don't spend a dime if people don't click. Of course not everyone who clicks will purchase your services, but the revenue from clicks you do convert should make the math work. If none of your clicks convert, evaluate where you're losing people in the funnel and what you can do to fix that. Best of luck.



Thanks, Prash. That's something I've never considered before. I'll definitely look into it.

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Become a networking monster. Go to events. Word of mouth outbound marketing complemented with a blog that captures leads

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