Searching for Chicago's Gaming Community

I'm looking to develop my business training website into a loose form of a game.  Does anyone have suggestions on how to connect (forums, meetings, etc..) with Chicago's internet gaming companies? 


Michael Rice

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This is a bit late response to this older question now, but thought I'd chime in.  I'm not in the gaming industry (professionally- but may be some day), but I have helped design/develop some small games before and have taken part in "Game Jams" (day-long competitions to design games in a team). Actually, I do e-learning and online advertising, with Flash, etc. and other design software for User Inerfaces, as well as creative consulting and ideation.

So getting more to the point and answer for you:

I regularly attend events that the game developers attend.  Look up IGDA Chicago group site:  Join the Fabebook group:

The gaming industry isn't big in Chicago, so it's fairly connected. You'll find many of the studio  have meetups too (    There's a few more groups too.  Anyway, since the Chi gaming industry is fairly connected, they all have lots of events together.  some take place in 1871.  Point is, if you frequent the forums, groups, and attend the events, in time you'll meet a lot of game developers in Chicago.

Have fun!

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