What makes you trust a website you've just discovered?


One thing I've wondered on my quest to find users for my startup, Elephrame, is whether or not new visitors feel that they can trust that Elephrame is honest and not in the business of hurting them, their privacy or their computers.

Trust is definitely something I think about when I decide whether or not I want to give my information to a new, or even established, website.  So, I'm curious, what makes you trust a website you've just discovered?  What do you look for?

- Alisa Robinson, New Kid on the Block

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Hi Alisa,

There are lots of different ways to try to make your site seem more trustworthy. 

Looking at your site, the bones are there, I just think users could use a bit more... funneling. 

Quick Idea:

Maybe start the site off with a larger featured area that asks a current relevant question, or push popular conversations in this area (this will show that other users are engaged, which makes your site look more trustworthy... safety in numbers and all that). 



Or just hire Branson, he does the design work for Built In Chicago :)
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I'd highly recommend checking out this guide on making your site trustworthy by KISSmetrics: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/build-a-trustworthy-website/



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Adding social widgets like your Twitter feed stream helps humanize your site (and makes it more dynamic.) Of course, you must actively engage with your audience in order for this to be effective. Best o' luck.

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