Company Description

It's a new model for matching people with jobs better jobs, with less search time. It's a new way to motivate employers and jobseekers to find each other, without the background noise of resumes and keyword screens.  Kauzu provides customized tools for segments of the job seeking and employment marketplace, and is Built In Chicago, for Chicago!


Kauzu Kono

There are dozens of applications to help people find jobs with computers, tablets and smart phones. But what about people who don’t have access to that technology?  Now, anyone in Chicago with a cell phone (even a basic phone) can find open, active job listings with Kauzu Kono—free!  Anyone with a phone can text the CTA stop ID—or the intersection within the city of Chicago—to the exclusive Kauzu Kono phone number, and she’ll instantly receive a list of the three closest job listings. There are plenty more listings available on request—all free. 



Kauzu.Jobs is a free mobile web application that pinpoints jobs based on the user’s location. It works on any smart phone, tablet or computer, and enables job seekers to sort, save and share job listings on a state-of-the art platform.  Finding jobs based on location is essential, because working nearby is critical to job seekers in lower-income communities, who can’t afford long commutes and often lack reliable transportation. When people work near their homes, they spend less time commuting, and less money on gas and transit. They’re also less likely to miss shifts or be late, and they’re more satisfied in their jobs. 




Kauzu.Biz is the employer’s portal to Kono and Kauzu.Jobs—a more cost-efficient and effective hiring tool for retail, restaurants and other businesses filling entry-level jobs. How cost-efficient? Unlimited free job listings. You can’t get more cost-efficient than free.  How effective? Kauzu.Biz takes hiring to the next level, with analytics that show you how many job seekers have viewed your listings—not just who applied—sorted by time and distance. Remember, job seekers are customers, too. Kauzu.Biz will offer tools that convert this information into opportunities to build your business.  On the go? You can post, update and delete listings, check the status of applications, and review analytics from any mobile device or computer. 

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