Nokia Location & Commerce (Navteq)

Chicago, IL

Company Description

Nokia Location & Commerce (formerly Navteq) is the leader in a growing global market for digital map, traffic and location data. Our commitment to quality and continued innovation has helped make NAVTEQ's comprehensive digital map information the choice among leading automotive manufacturers, portable and wireless device companies, Internet mapping providers, fleet operators and government service partners worldwide. By revolutionizing the way people think about and interact with maps, we foresee a world in which everyone finds their way to people, places and opportunities more easily and safely than before

Nokia Location & Commerce (Navteq) Funding

  • Investment May 31, 2005
    T. Russell Shields
  • Investment May 31, 2005
    Prudential Bache
  • Investment May 31, 2005
    T. Russell Shields


  • Merger/Acquisition Oct 1, 2007
    Amount not disclosed
  • IPO Aug 9, 2004

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