POMS (POM Solutions, LLC)

Chicago, IL

Company Description

POMS (dba "Yezzi") is revolutionizing the worldwide money transfer industry by providing affordable, reliable, and convenient financial products and services to the international underbanked population (billions of people worldwide who lack access to traditional bank and credit accounts). By simply putting cash on a Yezzi card at retail locations in the U.S., people can send money onto a retail gift, loyalty card, or prepaid debit card that can be picked up and used by friends and family back home. Yezzi also offers ancillary products and services, such as international top up and bill payment, allowing customers to transfer value to prepaid mobile phones and pay family household bills directly. Yezzi is available through the web, mobile devices, and through thousands of retail merchants around the world. For more information, and to stay updated with Yezzi news, please visit www.yezzi.com, facebook.com/myYezzi, and @myYezzi on Twitter.

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