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Company Description

Founded in 1901, Walgreens goal is to be consumers’ first choice for health and daily living across the nation, and a central part of people’s lives and the communities where they live and work. The company provides the most convenient, multi-channel access to goods and services, and pharmacy, health and wellness services while developing a new customer experience.

A history of innovation

Walgreens pioneered many modern store and pharmacy features, many of which have become standards in the industry. Among those concepts are:

• Computerized pharmacies connected nationwide, introduced in 1981 by Walgreens with its Intercom computer system.

• Point-of-sale scanning — completed chain wide in 1991.

• Freestanding stores with drive-thru pharmacies, introduced in the early 1990s. When Walgreens entered the Indianapolis market in 1992, initially with seven freestanding stores with drive-thru service, it was a watershed development. Since 1994, most new Walgreens have included a drive-thru pharmacy, and today the vast majority of Walgreens stores offer this convenience.

• Expanded convenience food and drink section for the "pick-up-a-loaf-of-bread-on-the-way-home" customer.

• Nationwide rollout of digital photo services, available at virtually all Walgreens stores.

• "Touch-Tone Prefills." Patients can use an automated phone system to request prescription refills and a pickup time. This information is fed directly into the pharmacy's work queue. Prescriptions can also be refilled online as needed or through Auto Refills, which automatically refill your prescription and sends an e-mail reminder when it's ready.

• “Refill by Scan,” a feature Walgreens introduced more recently that allows customers to refill their prescription by using their smartphone to scan the bar code on the old bottle. The scanned prescription can be sent to the nearest Walgreens for immediate pickup. 

• Prescription label instructions printed in any of 14 languages, a service introduced chain wide in 2002.

• Large-type prescription instructions, introduced in 2004. Walgreens became the first drugstore chain to offer this innovation, which benefits the more than 16 million Americans with some form of vision impairment. The service is available free of charge in both English and Spanish.

• Express Pay, which allows prescriptions to be automatically charged to the patient's credit card. This helps speed up the transaction and makes it easier for caregivers to pick up the patient's prescription. 

• “Find Your Pharmacist,” an online tool that allows customers to select a pharmacist by matching their health care needs with the areas of expertise, specialties, languages and clinical backgrounds of Walgreens pharmacists. Many of these areas of expertise are highlighted within individual pharmacist profiles and include medication adherence, immunizations, diabetes management, children’s health, wellness education, medication side effects, HIV care and more.

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