Andy Kirk Presenting "The 8 Hats of Data Visualization"

June 14, 2012
12:30pm - 2:30pm

Please join us for this inaugural meeting of the Chicago Data Visualization Group.  Andy Kirk will be discussing "The 8 Hats of Data Visualization". Here is the description from his website:

The 8 Hats of Data Visualization – The nature of data visualization as a truly multi-disciplinary subject introduces many challenges to those wishing to achieve mastery. You might be a creative but how are your analytical skills? Good at closing out a design but how about the initial research and data sourcing? In this talk we will learn about the many different ‘hats’ a visualization designer needs to wear in order to effectively deliver against these demands. Whether a single person will fulfill these roles, or a team collaboration will be set up to cover all bases, this presentation will help you understand the duty requirements of any visualization problem context.

Click here for the Meetup invite.


More on Andy Kirk

Andy Kirk is a consultant, designer and trainer.  He has recently presented and judged at Malofiej 20 - Infographics World Summit and Awards.  In September, he will be presenting at Big Data World in London.

Read more about Andy.  I also suggest you listen to Andy on episodes 4 & 5 of Bertini and Moritz Stefaner's podcast on datavisualization.

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