CoFounders Wanted: Chicago

January 24, 2013
12:30pm - 3:00pm

Studies show that the best way for an entrepreneur to increase the chance of getting to market is to team up with a cofounder. And the best way to find a co-founder in Chicago is by attending Cofounders Wanted: Chicago, where our global platform meets the local startup scene.  Improve your chances of finding a co-founder by attending this energizing event.

Joining us is Joe Abraham, author of the book "Entrepreneurial DNA" and creator of the BOSI System. Think of BOSI as the "myers briggs for entrepreneurs" (except much faster and more engaging). The BOSI System was recently integrated into the CoFoundersLab product to help do even better co-founder matching! Joe will cover some topics such as how your "Entrepreneurial DNA" impacts co-founder and business model selection. Joe's research was done in an incubator setting with over 1,000 entrepreneurs participating - so he's got some great stories to tell! Come learn about your unique entrepreneurial archetype and find cofounders who best compliment you.

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