Fintech Week Chicago

April 24, 2017 - April 30, 2017
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Chicago Fintech Week is a series of events that celebrate Chicago's thriving Fintech ecosystem.
We launched Fintech Week in 2014, in London and we're now bringing the event to Chicago. We run several events during Fintech Week, but we also work with partners that run events during the week as well. Discover, connect and get involved. 
Chicago has a rich history as economic hub. From railroads, to early exchanges, to Fintech, the windy city is forging ahead with the latest innovations. Fintech in Chicago is rapidly gaining momentum. The cost of living, a thriving start-up scene and an appetite for new technology makes this a great time to connect with Chicago's Fintech ecosystem. Fintech Week Chicago aims to get a diverse audience of Fortune 500, top tier VCs, start-ups, government and the international community in the same room in order to fast track innovation. We'll see you there.
FAST PACED: We keep the talks short/interesting & networking long. Panels last 30 minutes, keynotes 20, and demo/intros 10. Plenty of networking time is built into each day. This is not a traditional corporate event.
ECOSYSTEM: The people in the room are quality people. We take an ecosystem approach, which means we actively attract innovators, large firms, VCs, academics, government officials, press & start-ups. Having all the right people in the room makes for interesting chemistry. 
NO HARD SELL ON STAGE: We create an environment that's great for making connections, not sales pitches. We have no problem with selling. We want you to sell more, we just prefer that it happens organically through networking.

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