Intermediate iOS/Swift: Building a Web Browser

April 22, 2017
10:05am - 3:00pm


  • In this workshop we will be building a web browser from scratch in iOS. We will be using Apple's UIKit and exploring important iOS programming paradigms. We will also be introducing important UI elements such as table views and modal segues. 

    This is a workshop for individuals with prior programming experience. Understanding or experience with any programming language is required.

    The browser that we will be building will have the following functionality:

    - navigation (backward and forward buttons) 
    - reload button 
    - cancel reload button 
    - bookmarks 
    - load a page from bookmarks 
    - web browsing history 
    - address bar (to add a web page address) 
    - basic URL error checking

    We will be covering the following iOS programming concepts:

    - segues 
    - passing data between views 
    - delegation 
    - network security settings

    This workshop will require a Macbook. Windows devices are not compatible.

    Breakfast and Lunch will be provided!

    Learn more about Coding Dojo


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