The Jack Principles with Harry Gottlieb

April 24, 2017
6:00pm - 8:00pm

Engagement is one of the biggest challenges for bot companies. 

This month, we will be joined by Harry Gottlieb of Jellyvision. If you're not familiar, Harry is a pioneer in creating engagement through automated conversation. You might have played his conversational trivia game, You Don't Know Jack. 

He even wrote a book call The Jack Principles on the concepts and design principles to create the sense that a real human is just behind the screen. More recently, Harry applied these principles to Jellyvision's conversational employee benefits guide called ALEX.  

Harry will share his experience building a company surrounding conversational engagement and dive into some The Jack Principles. Specifically, he will cover topics like: 

• The ideal pacing for conversations 

• Creating the illusion of awareness in conversational interfaces

• Shared control between the user and the program

This will be a great session for anyone who has found themselves wondering how to boost engagement with the perfect mix of buttons, automation, and natural language conversations. See you all on Monday, April 24 at 6pm.

About Harry
Harry founded Jellyvision in 1989. The company had a different name then and the international headquarters was in his bedroom, in the corner, over by the closet. 

Around 1993, he programmed a little trivia game where the host read off all the questions and shot back smart-ass remarks when a player got the answers wrong. That eventually became “You Don’t Know Jack.” 

Soon, Harry got to thinking that this game interface, where the character in a computer program talks to you, like talks to YOU, could be used for a lot of other stuff. Ever since, he’s been developing what we now call the Interactive Conversation Interface. Harry spends most of his days scrunching his face, thinking real hard, and hoping brilliant ideas will result. It works out better than you’d think.

Should I attend? 
YES!  New ideas and connections in the real world can be valuable.  

Chicago Bot Builders is a monthly space for developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs to discuss chatbots along with supporting technologies, platforms, and growth strategies.  

Meetup sponsors 
The event will once again be hosted at WeWork's River North location at 111 W Illinois. Here is more information on WeWork if you are not already familiar: 

WeWork provides small businesses, startups, freelancers, large enterprises, and everyone in between with the workspace, community, and services they needs to make a life, not just a living.  

With weekly events, personalized support, month-to-month flexibility, and access to over 60,000 like-minded creators around the world, WeWork is the perfect place to grow your business. Book your tour here

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