NLP Based UI for Fund Screening

March 21, 2017
11:30am - 1:00pm


Having a natural language based user interface to Morningstar Direct Cloud data screening grid might be desirable. Building such a user interface can be a tall order. We built a limited scope prototype NLP fund screener that takes natural language like input and translates it to a JSON format that can be sent to the Data API to retrieve funds.  

In this talk we’ll show a demo of the prototype and explore:

• The motivation behind our project

• Our experience with building the prototype

• The idea behind it 

• Its current state 

• Where we would like to be: goals, issues, and open problems 

• Benefits and challenges of using of the shelf NLP toolkits for 

• POS tagging 

• Lemmatization 

• Building dependency parse trees

• (Normalized) named entity recognition 

• Phrase detection Etc. 

• Adding speech recognition to the UI; results of our analysis of major speech recognition systems 

• accuracy levels 

• current limitations 

• what is in store for the future of this technology


• Robert Lakatos 

• Katherine Bredder (KJ) 

• Connor Toohey

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