November Growth Hackers Meetup - Jamie Quint from Lookcraft

November 8, 2012

Event Description

The process of 'Growth Hacking' is simple - 1) Idenfity Opportunities, 2) Test, 3) Measure, 4) Repeat - so why is growth so elusive? The challenge is that the hard part is not the process, but identifying the right inputs and recognizing the right outputs of the process.

Running an A/B test is easy, knowing which tests to run and what defines a good result is the hard part. Buying traffic is easy, knowing what channels exist and which ones you should buy into is the hard part. Its like baking - if you know you're supposed to mix a bunch of stuff up and throw it in the oven, but don't know what ingredients to use and have no idea what the finished product should look like, its not going to turn out well.

At this month's Growth Hacker Meetup, Jamie Quint will be talking about the ingredients you should be considering and the results you should expect.

About Jamie Quint

Jamie is the founder of Lookcraft, he thinks about mens fashion all day so you don't have to. Lookcraft helps men dress better by making the shopping process simpler, more engaging, and fun.

Before starting Lookcraft Jamie was an early employee and Product Manager of Growth at Swipely, a co-founder of Y-Combinator backed Snaptalent, and founder of the first Facebook application consulting company. He's also on Andrew Chen's list of Growth Hackers to Work For.

About the Chicago Growth Hacker Meetup

Startups don't fail because they can't get the product built, they fail because they can't acquire customers. This group is for startups and professionals who are actively acquiring customers. We meet to discuss strategies and tactics for taking your startup up and to the right.

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