SDC.Game: <topic to be announced>

October 15, 2017
1:00pm - 3:00pm

(NOTE: still locking down Rev3 Access for this)

This meeting will be for updates in the game development community, a training/help session from 30-90 minutes in length and then open discussions.

Updates (brief) can be from anyone who wants to make an announcement.  I.e. Posting questions about group changes, announcing game jams or game cons, etc, please keep these to a minute or two per person, just a short announcement.  

Training  will be on a game development/design topic.  It will be updated in the title, and additional details will be provided below (when available).  If anyone is interested in giving a training on a game related technology, or talking about marketing, testing, creating 3D models or even painting 3D textures, they are welcome to.  Just reach out to Dan Sagmiller, or the Organizers in general on the left to get a topic approved.

Help will be provided for ideas and concepts people want to discuss.  Do you have a project your working on and are stumped?  Want a shark tank for your ideas?  etc...  

Open Discussions are all about discussing earlier updates, general conversation, etc...   Though the discussions happen at the end, I want this to be an important part.  This is where we discuss any ideas more casually.  

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