Andreas Rekdal

Andreas Rekdal

Staff Writer
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Writer for Built In Chicago.

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Social entrepren.


Marketing & PR 1-3 years
Copywriting Intermediate
Email Marketing Intermediate
Social Media Marketing & Strategy Intermediate


2015 - current
Staff Writer

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Mark Colwell
Director of Marketing | Procured Health
Lauren Hand
Marketing Director | GPShopper
David Marren
North American Director of Sales and Marketing | FreightFriend
Jacob Zweig
Co-Founder | Northwestern University
Jordan Perschel
Analyst | Fidelity Investments.
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Andreas Rekdal
With a massive funding round and the support of one of its industry’s biggest players, Raise is gearing up for its next stage of growth.
VIEWS: 1,344
Andreas Rekdal
There’s a lot of money to be made in high-frequency trading for those who can think outside the box. But barriers to entry, which include the need to make major investments in technology infrastructure, make it difficult for outsiders to break into the industry.
VIEWS: 2,113
Andreas Rekdal
If your primary exposure to programming comes from popular culture, you’d be excused for believing that most devs get their start at an early age, pulling all-nighters in dark basements with junk food and energy drinks. In reality, many devs pick up programming later in life — often to...
VIEWS: 1,813
Andreas Rekdal
All the functionality in the world won’t save your product if users can’t access it intuitively. Thankfully, Chicago tech has no shortage of highly skilled front-end devs who build solid and slick user-facing applications. If you’re one of them, and you’re looking for your...
VIEWS: 1,230
Andreas Rekdal
Expensive brand-name medication is a major driver of increasing healthcare costs, according to research published last year by the American Medical Association. This trend is exacerbated by the fact that doctors often pay little attention to cost in deciding between different treatment options.
VIEWS: 1,105

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