Andreas Rekdal

Andreas Rekdal

Staff Writer
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Writer for Built In Chicago.

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Marketing & PR 1-3 years
Copywriting Intermediate
Email Marketing Intermediate
Social Media Marketing & Strategy Intermediate


2015 - current
Staff Writer

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Director of Marketing | Procured Health
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Marketing Director | GPShopper
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Andreas Rekdal
In an effort to prepare students for a tech-driven economy, many K-12 schools are making substantial investments in educational technology. But when all is said and done, much of that technology ends up going underutilized.
VIEWS: 1,633
Andreas Rekdal
Although online marketing has created lots of new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses to reach new audiences, the new marketing landscape comes with its share of new challenges.
VIEWS: 2,641
Andreas Rekdal
In the food and beverage industry, where operations are complicated and margins are tight, bar and restaurant owners are always on the lookout for ways to get ahead of the competition.By diving deep into the numbers of how their establishments are doing, diningDATA wants to give restaurants the...
VIEWS: 1,095
Andreas Rekdal
Fostering entrepreneurship is a crucial part of maintaining a vibrant economy, but providing would-be entrepreneurs with the tools they need to put their ideas into action is easier said than done. Hearing about importance of developing a solid business plan is one thing; adapting it when your...
VIEWS: 778
Andreas Rekdal
Most job applications are submitted digitally these days, but your resume still has to fit on a single sheet of paper. So how do you make the best possible use of that precious real estate?We asked some of Chicago's hottest tech companies what they're looking for while thumbing through...
VIEWS: 2,950

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