Anjali Gurnani

Anjali Gurnani

VP Product Marketing and Business Development
Athena Security


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Anjali Gurnani
Interested to hear how this may affect VCs looking for more exit options:  
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Anjali Gurnani
We are seeking a consultant who specializes in email marketing.  I am looking specifically for someone who can advise us on how to improve our deliverability through spam filters based on best practices.
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Anjali Gurnani
Any recommendations for cost effective alternatives to mailing services such as constant contact?  Very large opt-in distribution list.  All custom design.
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Anjali Gurnani
Great resource if you are looking for alternative ways to fund your company.  Rather than waiting for someone to write a big check, these resources help you get some key assets funded so you can start making money.
TAGS: Crowdfunding
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Anjali Gurnani
I am on the lookout for a Groupon-like service for B2B companies.  Have you found any?  Interesting to note that Groupon did try this:
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