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Bob Armour
Christmas came early for us this year, as Photogram is being featured in the Holiday Apps and Games area in iTunes! Needless to say, we are thrilled!
VIEWS: 412
Bob Armour
Much has been written and said about our suit against Facebook for infringing upon our registered trademark Timelines, and we've heard from people who are understandably confused by the whole issue. We'd like to let you know our reasons for doing this and ask for your help.
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Bob Armour
We're thrilled that ChicagonistaLive! will be live webcasting from our offices in Chicago's beautiful Ravenswood neighborhood at 2pm cst.
VIEWS: 364
Bob Armour
I love to hear this about Photogram: The interface is easy to follow, with a step by step process that makes it pretty hard to mess up, so send it off, and wait for the oohs and ahhs to roll in. You can read the whole review here.   
VIEWS: 429

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