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Caity Moran

Marketing Director
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Marketing Director

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“ Winter 2015 Open HouseSince 2011, we’ve taught over 1,000 people from varying backgrounds how to code, design, ship web apps, and build companies. We’re all about solving meaningful problems using technology and helping others make their ideas real.... ”
Caity Moran has a new connection.
Caity Moran has a new connection.
Caity Moran has a new connection.
“ Visual design isn't just what the web looks like. It's what the web feels like.We're excited to announce the return of our 11-week Visual Design class, taught by Mig Reyes! In this class, you'll learn to use wr... ”
Caity created a new event: Ignite Chicago
“ More than a dozen speakers passionate about... something. It could be systems thinking, building a business from scratch, how to travel the world on no budget, the power of data or anything else. For five minutes, they hold the floor. You won't be di... ”
Caity created a new event: Starter School Showcase
“ At Starter School our goal is to teach beginners more than just how to code and design. Our goal is to teach our students how to take those skills and make something that solves a meaningful problem in the world.On June 20 at 1871, after 9-months of... ”

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Caity Moran
If the opportunity to build software that solves meaningful problems that you care about gives you chills, and you have the passion to do what it takes to make that change happen, then you’re ready to join The Starter League.
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Caity Moran
  By: Kevin Willer, originally posted on 1871.
TAGS: 1871, cec, Startups
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Caity Moran
  The CEC is proud to announce this years Honorees and Finalists for the 2012 Momentum Awards Dinner. The CEC's Fifth Annual Momentum Awards Dinner will be held on October 24 at Millennium Park.    Merrick Momentum Award Finalists
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Caity Moran
Chicago’s Digital Startup Boom
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