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“ At the end of 2013 I joined the Startup Leadership Program (SLP) in Chicago as the CEO and founder of Review Trackers, a B2B software company that helps businesses monitor online reviews and manage online reputation. During the course of the 6-month... ”

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Chris Campbell
What if every online video was also an interactive storefront? This is the challenge that entrepreneurs Brian Feldkamp (DePaul University) and Sean Kilbane (Michigan State University) hope to address as they launch VIDZEY, an interactive media company that allows users to click on and purchase...
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Chris Campbell
Review Trackers was selected to pitch this past month at BIC Pitch. For anyone considering pitching at BIC, I highly recommend it- but more on that in a future post.
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Chris Campbell
Building a startup in one country can be very challenging. Operating it – and expanding it – in another country is even harder.
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Chris Campbell
Originally posted on the Review Trackers Blog
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