Dane Drotts

Dane Drotts



Since age 7 I have had a passion for computers. Growing up on my dad’s dairy farm in Western Kansas I saved every penny I earned to buy a Commodore 64, my very first computer. When Apple released their Apple IIe I bought it and have been hooked on Apple ever since. I am a serial entrepreneur; I have always wanted to be in charge of my own destiny and have been super fortunate to build my company with Veronica Buitron and a great team! In my free time you’ll find me with my kiddos or doing Crossfit; I love staying fit!
Favorite Burger: Egg, Spinach, Cheddar, Mayo, all on a wheat bun!

I'm up for

Collaborating on projects
General networking


Agile development
Founding startups


Marketing & PR 7+ years
Marketing Analytics Advanced
Mobile Marketing Advanced


President / CEO

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Camille Turner
Strategist | Dream Builder Consulting
Veronica Buitron
CTO, Owner | GeneXus Usa
Howard Tullman
CEO | 1871
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Dane Drotts
How Companies Are Using Push Notifications to Improve Marketing A push notification strategy can help you to engage with customers better, and keep them coming back. Building an app, and getting people to engage with it are two completely different things. If you’ve developed a...
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Dane Drotts
 Let Ticket Beagles find your tickets for you. I love to fetch tickets to all my favorite events whether it's my favorite team playing, my favorite band performing, or just a ticket to a sold out show.
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