David Culver

David Culver

Chief Collaboration Instigator


I'm up for: Growing Companies Revenue, Scaling Businesses, Funding Great Companies, Creating Profitable and Sustainable businesses. Mentoring, Strategic Growth Programs, Presentation Coaching, Marketing.

I'm up for

Collaborating on projects
Discussing growth strategies
Investing in startups
Meeting other founders


Founding startups
Lean startups


Marketing & PR
Revenue Generation
Strategic Growth


Chief Collaboration Instigator

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“ Register Now!  This event sells out in advance!http://www.eventbrite.com/e/funding-feeding-frenzy-angel-investor-showcase-evening-event-april-2014-tickets-10591763249Jay Harris, Founder & President of ISIS Power / Infinity Box:  Raised... ”
David Culver has a new connection.
David Culver has a new connection.

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David Culver
Congratulations to the 10 Presenting Companies for the Funding Feeding Frenzy - Main Event June 20th, 2012 http://fundingfeedingfrenzy.com/participants/companies/ Get the details of the companies by checking out the link above. This will be an exciting event with 10 great companies presenting in...
David Culver
VentureSHOT 744 N. Wells Street Chicago, IL 60654   Chicago's "High Energy" Entrepreneur Collaboration Center and Business Incubator   Created by Entrepreneurs...For Entrepreneurs.
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David Culver
Congratulations to SmartBar!! Winner Best in Show - Kraken Cave (Raise of $1.5MM and up) @ the Funding Feeding Frenzy - Nov 2, 2011 http://fundingfeedingfrenzy.com/participants/nov-2011-best-of-show/   http://mysmartbar.com/ Belly up and check out SmartBar to find out how software and a cool...
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David Culver
  Congratulations to Pazari, LLC!! Winner Best in Show - Piranha Pond (Raise of $250K to $1.5MM) @ the Funding Feeding Frenzy - Nov 2, 2011   http://pazarillc.com/products/#how-it-works Make sure to check out Pazari, LLC to find out more about a great digital tech company launched by a great team...
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David Culver
Congratulations to Sweet Perk!! Winner Best in Show - Guppy Bowl (Raise of $250K or less) @ the Funding Feeding Frenzy - Nov 2, 2011 http://www.sweetperk.com/   Make sure to check out Sweet Perk, http://www.sweetperk.com/#!how-it-works to find out a little more about their great digital tech...
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