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Erik Severinghaus



Helped co-found iContact and a few other companies.
Love any sport that's done in the mountains.


“ great post - thanks! ”
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“ Another post I find I'm often linking to: ”
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“ great post - thanks! ”
Erik Severinghaus has a new connection.
“ Another post I find I'm often linking to: ”
“ Follow up- here's another post that should really be on the above list: ”
Erik Severinghaus has a new connection.
“ Howard - I agree with your sentiment, but don't forget that most of the time we are driven there by the investors. I'm wiling to bet that the talk that I'd prefer to give would have been more interesting to you, but would have not "check the boxes" t... ”
Erik posted a new job: Senior Product Designer
“ Type: Full-timeAbout us:The SimpleRelevance platform allows its users to send personalized communication to their customers. SimpleRelevance is changing the game in 1 to 1 digital marketing, by making it possible to everyone, using their ex... ”
“ This is going to be fantastic, can't for community demo day! ”
“ Great post! I love when people actually use data instead of getting lazy and referencing a couple anecdotes.... ”
Erik created a new event: Using Data To Drive Customer Engagement
“ Companies have access to more data today than ever before, and while that creates great opportunity for marketing departments, making sense of the data creates it's own set of challenges. Marketing is leaning on technology for solutions to use the da... ”

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Erik Severinghaus
Some Great Entrepreneurial Links You’re at the stage where you’ve got an idea, maybe a basic prototype and are looking to network, ask for advice, and generally avoid making the same mistakes that lots of us have made in the past. Good idea!
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Erik Severinghaus
SimpleRelevance is an ambitious company - we take seriously the charge of Daniel Burnham to "make no little plans." We are out to change an industry and help small e-commerce merchants use technology that has heretofore been available only to the big guys.
VIEWS: 525
Erik Severinghaus
If you're interested in trying out the future e-commerce personalization - let us know. We have seen some awesome results with early clients, and are looking to expand our beta pool. We are taking about 10 more beta customers on to use our platform for free. What do you get out of it?
VIEWS: 372
Erik Severinghaus
Three days ago, posted an article containing findings from a recent survey by Emailvision, which investigated how well online marketers wordwidebelieved they were segmenting their customers and how well they were actuallysegmenting their customers. Here's the two sentance summary:
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Erik Severinghaus There's no point in me rewriting a summary of this fantastic takedown of SOPA and PROTECT IP so I'll just reprint it below. I trust the authors won't mind - and will amend if they do. If you run an internet company, or care about the long...
VIEWS: 286

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