Ethan Austin

Ethan Austin

Co-founder and COO


Ethan Austin has a new connection.
Ethan Austin has a new connection.
Ethan Austin has a new connection.
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Jeremy Weisz

Hi Ethan, your interview is now live. The story that gave everyone goosebumps

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Ethan Austin
  This past summer I witnessed something that totally blew my mind and warmed my heart.
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Ethan Austin
There has been a lot of scuttlebutt in the blogosphere * over the past year that BLOGGING IS DEAD.
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Ethan Austin
“Do few things but do them well. What doesn’t work, kill quickly.”
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Ethan Austin
There’s a popular critique in many startup blogs downplaying the importance of raising capital. The argument is that raising capital is easy and the real work happens after a company raises money. Rather than celebrating companies that are generating revenue and turning a profit, startup culture...
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