Ethan Austin

Ethan Austin

Co-founder and COO


“ 98% of the time we stand by idly and watch life go by.  When we see a tragedy or injustice on the news, we say “what a shame” and then we flip the channel and proceed to do NOTHING about it, as we expect someone else will step up and help.... ”
“  Pathful CEO Campbell McDonald presenting at TechStars Chicago Demo Day 2013On Wednesday I attended the TechStars Chicago Demo Day and was blown away by the presentations.  If I had any money at all, I probably would have invested in 3 or 4... ”
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Jeremy Weisz

Hi Ethan, your interview is now live. The story that gave everyone goosebumps

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Ethan Austin
Last week at GiveForward, we got the best follow up email from an interviewee perhaps in the history of EVER.  Check it out it's pretty hilarious/awesome. PS - we're also currently hiring a user interface designer.  If you know some...
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Ethan Austin
How can I find out which of my  friends are going to SXSW?
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Ethan Austin
If you're currently raising or about to raise your first round of capital, this might be a neat opportunity.  -----
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