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Ezra Galston

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Senior Associate

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“ Jim Cramer hosted Grubhub CEO Matt Maloney on Mad Money yesterday and asked him an entirely understandable question on competitive barriers – “What happens if Yelp decides to go allin against Grubhub…you have to worry that Yelp wants this business be... ”

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Ezra Galston
I’ve written before about the importance of story arc in early stage startups.  I view the pain point as the setup/plot, the management team as the hero, and the solution as the heart-pounding climax.  Chicago Ventures invested in BloomNation because we saw in their platform a...
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Ezra Galston
After our most recent Chicago Ventures open office hours at 1871, we realized that many entrepreneurs were curious about how we, as investors, think.  The truth is that all of us here – Stuart, Kevin, Jason, Liz & myself – think pretty much like the entrepreneurs we support.  Amongst...
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Ezra Galston
One of the amazing perks of working in venture capital is the sheer number of intriguing ideas that pass across your desk.  Some smaller VCs may vet as few as a hundred deals a year while larger VCs can look through upwards of 5,000.   Speaking of which – ever wonder why your cold e-...
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Ezra Galston
In the six months since joining the VC world as an MBA Associate, I’ve reviewed over 100 early/seed stage pitch decks from startups in the Chicagoland area.  A company’s deck is more than an overview: it needs to tell a story.  All great stories - whether told on film, in books, or as a...
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