Howard Tullman

Howard Tullman



Sales 7+ years




David Aronson
Founder & CEO | Peanut Butter
Tessa McLean
Director of Content | Built In
Kate Opalinska
Director of Engagement & Social Media | DePaul University
Karan Goel
CEO and Founder | GetSet Learning
Teri Gidwitz
Senior Account Director | Marcel Digital
Matt Diehl
Digital Content Writer | Persio
Dane Drotts
CEO | TangoCode
Jay Mulakala
Co-Founder | SnoHassle
Joey Mak
Assistant Director of Economic Development | Office of the Vice President for Research, University of Illinois
Jason Anciulis
Account Executive | Crain's Chicago Business

my activity

Howard posted a blog: Smart Sharing Isn't Simple
“ Smart Sharing Isn’t SimpleI've been struggling for a while now in trying to make some sense of how we should regard and manage social sharing as a viable marketing tool and also as another critical communication channel for our businesses.... ”
Howard posted a blog: Smart Cars are Stupid
“                                       Smart Cars Are StupidCleaner and dramatically more fuel-efficient cars make a lot of sense to me. Electric vehicles (... ”
“ Presentation Proficiency – A Critical Skill for the Next Century As we - especially anyone under the age of 25 - continue to read less and less and watch (and listen) to constantly increasing amounts of content (for better or worse and often un... ”
“      LIFE’S TOO SHORT TO BE A BORE OR A CHOREIt’s getting to be graduation season again. Every year I’m asked to speak and the temptation to save some time by resurrecting and reusing versions of my prior talks is sub... ”
Howard posted a blog: Don't Get Down - Get Busy
“ DON’T GET DOWN – GET BUSY                  The bond between the best entrepreneurs and their businesses is often so tight and all-encompassing that they can m... ”
Howard posted a blog: Leaders Learn Best by Listening
“ LEADERS LEARN BEST BY LISTENINGThese days we’re constantly rushing from one thing to the next. All of us – all of the time. The days are ever longer and the nights are even worse. I call it a life of “playing the entire game in over... ”
Howard posted a blog: The Fabulous Future of Facebook
“ The Fabulous Future of Facebook                 For the last year or two, it’s been fairly easy for the naysayers to continually predict the imminent demise of Facebook.... ”
Howard posted a blog: We Don't Know What We Know
“ We Don’t Know What We Know                 I can’t tell you how many times I’m in a conversation or strategy presentation with the senior management team of... ”
“ Not Every Industry Can Be UBER-izedAn interesting recent article written by Farhad Manjoo for the New York Times (See ) argued that the UBER model doe... ”
“ Ignorance is Curable, Indifference is FatalIn running any business today, it’s almost a moral certainty that you won’t have all of the necessary information that you need in time and in a form and place sufficient to permit you to make al... ”

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Howard Tullman
Smart Sharing Isn’t Simple
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Howard Tullman
                                      Smart Cars Are Stupid
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Howard Tullman
Presentation Proficiency – A Critical Skill for the Next Century
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Howard Tullman
VIEWS: 337
Howard Tullman
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